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Drywall Repair & Replacement

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For most interior residential painting and renovation projects, drywall repairs and drywall replacement are required prior to painting. Rather than calling a separate contractor for this service, our team is able to provide these services, making it easier to arrange and schedule these projects to be done quickly and easily. Our professional, experienced drywall installers can make your home or office look like new again!

There are many reasons drywall will need to be repaired or replaced. Whether there has been water damage or holes to patch, we can help repair existing drywall, replace damaged drywall, or install new drywall.

What are Some Benefits to Drywall Repairing and Drywall Replacing in Your House?


Drywall can often be the most affordable building material. Even if you are having it installed by a drywall contractor, drywall is far more cost-effective than traditional plaster, which requires more materials, careful application and definitely needs a trained professional.

Easy to paint

Properly installed and prepped drywall is a painter’s dream. Large sheets mean fewer edges to conceal with putty or paint, and the surface of the drywall is specifically designed to be the right amount of porous to be painted.


While drywall may sound hollow if you knock on it, the thin sheets are actually composed of gypsum, a versatile material that is compressed into a rock-hard surface which is then covered on both sides with paper. Unlike plaster walls, home drywall is unlikely to crack or crumble during the course of normal house settling, and if it does, it’s around the joints rather than in the center, meaning it will often be easier to repair.

Easy to replace and repair drywall

Drywall is widely available and because it comes in drywall blocks, can be replaced in small sections rather than needing to replace entire walls. Drywall repairs can usually be done with some patience and a few professional tools and supplies. Reitz Painting & Remodeling has plenty of experience performing these repairs and our professional crews would be happy to share with you their techniques.

Fire & water-resistant

Technology is always evolving. Older house drywall may be more susceptible to water damage and mold, which is another reason to repair and replace the drywall in your home. The latest innovations have provided stronger, sturdier drywall that is both water and fire-resistant, to keep your home safe and solid for years to come.

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